Oct 23


At DCMW we aim to change the current circumstances for disabled children and young people. It’s our opinion that everyone in our society is of the same value, and that that this should be one of the cornerstones in how we build our society. With disability comes challenges for families, and those families might in some cases need our help. We have therefore decided to try to provide that help, and by doing so we hope to be able to change the life’s of as many people as possible by making their future a bit brighter.

A child with a disability such as Down’s syndrome deserves to be happy just as every other child does. But the circumstances surrounding the disability can sometimes be hard for the family to deal with, both financially and emotionally. We therefore think it is important for the decision makers in our government to see to the needs of these people, especially as they can’t change the situation themselves. By providing these families with the financial means to support the situation that is at hand, they will also ensure that life gets easier for everyone involved. Families with disabled children didn’t choose for their kid to have a disability after all, and there’s nothing that they can do but to raise their son or daughter in the best way possible.

We hope to bring families closer together, and for young people with disabilities to get a chance at a normal life. This means providing them with a customized education that is being given by professionals who have experience in the field, so that they can have a real chance at growth and progress making. It also means that they are being given the health services that are required for them to live life as good as possible, whether that may be medication, therapy or physical therapy.

But life is not all about education and medicine for someone with disabilities. Just like any other person, there’s a need to have fun, play and enjoy life. To make friends and to be involved in whatever interests you, so therefore we would like to see that happen to. What is clear at this stage, in our opinion, is that there’s not being enough done to change these circumstances and we therefore need your help to have our voices heard. Please do join us to make try to make a change!

If you would like to read more about disabilities, in order to further raise your awareness of the situation, we warmly recommend http://disabilityrightsuk.org/, which is an information site we you can find pretty much everything you’d might want to know about disabilities in the United Kindom.

We hope that, by reading this, you will feel obliged to at least learn more about the many tough situations a family with disabilities can encounter, and that you are ready to reach out a hand for them. The more people that care about the situation at hand, the more likely we will be to change it.

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