Oct 23


At DCMW we aim to change the current circumstances for disabled children and young people. It’s our opinion that everyone in our society is of the same value, and that that this should be one of the cornerstones in how we build our society. With disability comes challenges for families, and those families might in some cases need our help. We have therefore decided to try to provide that help, and by doing so we hope to be able to change the life’s of as many people as possible by making their future a bit brighter.

A child with a disability such as Down’s syndrome deserves to be happy just as every other child does. But the circumstances surrounding the disability can sometimes be hard for the family to deal with, both financially and emotionally. We therefore think it is important for the decision makers in our government to see to the needs of these people, especially as they can’t change the situation themselves. By providing these families with the financial means to support the situation that is at hand, they will also ensure that life gets easier for everyone involved. Families with disabled children didn’t choose for their kid to have a disability after all, and there’s nothing that they can do but to raise their son or daughter in the best way possible.

We hope to bring families closer together, and for young people with disabilities to get a chance at a normal life. This means providing them with a customized education that is being given by professionals who have experience in the field, so that they can have a real chance at growth and progress making. It also means that they are being given the health services that are required for them to live life as good as possible, whether that may be medication, therapy or physical therapy.

But life is not all about education and medicine for someone with disabilities. Just like any other person, there’s a need to have fun, play and enjoy life. To make friends and to be involved in whatever interests you, so therefore we would like to see that happen to. What is clear at this stage, in our opinion, is that there’s not being enough done to change these circumstances and we therefore need your help to have our voices heard. Please do join us to make try to make a change!

If you would like to read more about disabilities, in order to further raise your awareness of the situation, we warmly recommend http://disabilityrightsuk.org/, which is an information site we you can find pretty much everything you’d might want to know about disabilities in the United Kindom.

We hope that, by reading this, you will feel obliged to at least learn more about the many tough situations a family with disabilities can encounter, and that you are ready to reach out a hand for them. The more people that care about the situation at hand, the more likely we will be to change it.

Apr 25

Are you keeping your economy in check?

One thing I have not always been good at is to handle my personal economy. Although I have been getting much better now, and have a stable income and some safety money in my bank account, it was a different story a couple of years ago when I was younger. Before I turned 30, I used to jump from job to job, travel to a bunch of different countries to make new friends, eat well and discover new things. I used to be out on the weekends and go to different clubs and bars, and do all sorts of fun stuff. You know, the kind of stuff you should be doing in your 20’s when you have the time and the freedom.

But as we all know, being active often costs quite a lot of money, especially if you don’t have a high paying job, which is something that few people have when they are young and inexperienced. I used to work in a restaurant or a bar, and when I felt the urge to travel after I had saved up some money, I would simply quit and go on the road for a couple of months. When I came back, I had no job, and usually no money, and in these situations I didn’t really know what to do, until I found out about loans. Loans are a good way to get quick money when you really need it, and it has taken me out of some pretty tough situations, like the time I came back from a long three months of travelling, and had no money to pay my rent.

Luckily for us, who live in the online generation, loans have been much easier to get lately, and today we can simply go online to a loan company’s website and take a loan without having to do a ton of background checks in order to check out creditability. Often times we can even get the loans into our bank accounts the next day, which is perfect if you really need quick money. So I would get a loan like this, make sure my rent got paid, and then straight away start the job hunt in order to be able to pay my loan back. The most important thing to remember when it comes to quick loans is that they have a pretty short loan period and a pretty high fixed interest. This means that you usually have to pay back your loan plus interest within a month or two. Therefore, I would always make sure that I would get paid from my new job before the loaning period was over and thus I would be able to pay my loan back in time. If you are not able to pay back your loan you are likely to end up with a bad mark in your payments, which might give you problems the next time you try to take a loan.

You can visit Euroconsumer in order to find out more about loans in general!

Mar 25

Different types of gambling

Something that has become very popular in recent years is to gamble online for money. Gambling though, as an activity, has always been a well known and loved way to spend your time, and people from all corners have participated in it for thousands of years, but it was not until online gambling came around as the internet was being developed that gambling really became a hit worldwide. In this post I wanted to go over the different types of gambling activities that are available on the internet.

Casino games

Casino games are perhaps the most popular form of gambling, and today there are thousands upon thousands of online casinos on the internet. In a casino you can find classic games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines, all in the same place. With today’s graphics, there really is no need to visit real casinos anymore, as they can provide almost exactly the same experience that you would get in a real casino. Should you like to learn more about online casino gaming as well as get information about the best casino bonuses, where you can get freespins, and more, try visiting casino portals such as Casino Online. They have reviewed some of the most popular online casinos on the market.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most well known forms of gambling, and just as the name suggests it means that people will put a bet on their predicted outcome of a certain sports event. Whereas sports betting used to be held in betting shops on the high streets, it’s now getting more and more popular to go to online bookmakers to place your bets, which to many of us seem much more convenient and time effective.

Online Bingo

Bingo had a massive boost in popularity when bingo rooms started popping up online an few years ago. Bingo used to be seen as a game for old people, and people would have to make their way all over to the bingo halls in order to play. These days, people of all ages play bingo on the internet on different websites, and it has become popular all over the world. For people interested in bingo online, I would recommend a website called Balloon Bingo, which has some of the best bonuses on the scene today, so make sure to check it out. New players will receive £10 free for just signing up!


Although Poker might not be regarded as a full on gambling activity I still want to include it. This classic game has been played around the world for so long it’s a complete classic in the gambling world. What makes it good is that there is so much skill involved in this card game, that players will never stop making progress, and continue to develop. You can find information about poker, as well as many other forms of online gambling at a website called Eurogambler!

These are the four biggest parts of online gambling. You can of course find several others, but if you are a beginner, these are the gambling forms that I would first look into!

Jan 12

Playing to win when you trade

After a couple of years on the financial trading scene I feel like I have gained some valuable experiences, especially when it comes to how important it is to keeping the balance between risking too much and playing it safe. This is what we call risk management, and it can really make or break a trader. During my first two years of trading, I didn’t really think too much of this, and thus my result would swing up and down like crazy –I would have periods where I would profit thousands of dollars from successful traders, and other periods where I would lose it all again.

As I said, the key to everything is balance. A trader that is super careful and never takes a risk of losing money will never make large profits unless he has a massive capital. In my opinion, when it comes to binary trading and forex trading, which are the two forms of trading that I’m involved in, it’s really not about making small and slow profit. These are fast paced trading instruments, and therefore we are looking to make money fast. On the other hand, a trader that is absolutely crazy and take huge risks might make a ton of money, but the more risk that is involved in a trade the more of a gamble it is. Therefore, he’s likely to come across a streak of bad luck where he will lose most of his money.

So where is this perfect line between safe and risky? It’s hard to say, but it all comes down to knowledge. Sometimes, even most of the time, you will make trades are a safe and low risk, but in order to make real money of forex trading you will also have to take risky trades. The key is to know when the time is right to make a risky trade.

So how do you know which high risk trades to go for? Again, it all comes down to how much you know about the market, and the assets that you trade with. The more you know about the asset you’re about to invest in, the more likely you are going to be predict the future value of this asset. So to conclude this, what you have to do is to gain knowledge. What’s best to do here, is to frequently visit portals for binary options (if that is your preferred type of trading), read up on the news and guides in order to get a clear picture of what the market looks like today. The more you read, the more likely you are going to be to profit from your trading.

So, I’m guessing that after reading this, you might think that it all seems like pretty hard work? Well, it is, just like any other job. However, I can promise you that trading is a lot more fun when you are making money rather than losing it, and all the work you put in learning about this stuff is going to pay off in the end, so my advice to you is to keep at it!